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    Genie Tutors was founded by Luke Scrutton in 2009 with the aim of establishing a successful tuition programme to help children to thrive in a competitive society.

    They provide a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint your child’s needs and proficiency, before offering a trial lesson. The company believes the assessment gives them insight into the child’s background, educational ability and a deeper knowledge of their interests. This allows Genie Tutors to determine why the child may be struggling with certain subjects, and how they can help more effectively. As a result, their programmes are personalised.

    This tutoring establishment’s ideology is that every child is different, and the company’s success is rooted in their ability to tailor their tutoring to your child’s needs.

    The groups they teach are small, allowing for more personal support as needed. You’ll be provided with weekly feedback on your child’s progress.

    For a small summer group, prices start at £10 per hour.