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We know how difficult it is to find the right online educational provider to achieve results. We created a platform where you can compare prices and see reviews for all online eLearning courses and online tutors websites.
We done all the research so you won’t need to spend any time on it. Also, you can share feedback so others will know what you think.
Top ranked providers
Family Lives
Family Lives is a charity designed to provide parents a resource to help them in the parenting process and support their children in difficult times. They also work to help stop bullying, and guide families to foster a positive environment in which members of the family can support each other, help each other learn and grow, and improve themselves. While not exactly an educational website, it provides great resources that can help any family improve its functions, which translates into higher quality education outside of the home as well.
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Worksheet Fun
Worksheet Fun is just what you would expect it to be from its name. This free website provides a rather exhaustive list of maths worksheets designed for pre-K through first grade. The website is ad-based, though the ads are less intrusive than many other sites (including some paid sites). With thousands of worksheets available for download, parents and teachers can make learning early year maths simple and enjoyable for their students. Topics include basic numbers, fractions, subtraction, addition, and much more.
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E-learning for kids
E-learning for kids provides lessons based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. It offers free & fun learning for ages 5-12 years in maths, science, health, life skills and environmental skills. With over 550 lessons and growing every day it offers the entire primary maths and science curriculum for grades KG-6. It focuses on teaching students to think critically and ask questions. Work online or offline, you can pick the grade your child starts at or take a few lessons to determine which level suits them best. One started kids travel around the world on a learning journey learning course content and more about the 7 continents of the world. Used by 25 million children, in 118 countries, this free learning platform is a great resource for fun and learning.
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Edplace has your child's Maths, English, Science 11+, SATs & GCSE learning covered. Edplace focuses on building student’s confidence and ability. Students work at their own ability and are provided with relevant resources to match their learning skills and style. Edplace call's this smart revising. It's designed to empower students to become lifelong learners and achieve their goals. You and your child can track results, identify gaps and watch your child's confidence grow. Each activity is marked with instant feedback and progression based on previous work. It allows you to set personal goals and offers milestone badges for each achievement milestone. With an impressive 150% progress achieved by students with parent managed accounts, it's easy to see why Edplace is a great learning resource.
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National Geographic Kids
Just as one would expect from a magazine as prolific as National Geographic, their children-oriented website is a wonderful collection of high-quality photos, articles, games, and other resources. Their goal is to help students enjoy learning about the world through a variety of modes which may interest a wide range of students. The website itself is free to use and explore, though they also offer a subscription for their childrens’ magazine. While the website primarily focuses on animals and geography, it also has resources for history, cultural studies, science, and more!
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Learn English Kids
Learn English Kids is a website hosted by the British Council to help children learn to master the English language. It is a free resource offered to kids (though they need to be signed up by a parent or guardian), as well as for parents and teachers. It has many digital resources focusing on comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Learn English Kids also provides printable resources for use offline.
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BookTrust is a charity organization dedicated to getting children excited about reading. They tend to focus on early years, hoping to get children into the habit of reading from a very early age. Most of their work is done via in-person programmes, however they do offer select digital sources including a book finder, resources for disabilities and reading, and reading recommendations, all for free.
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Cracking Ideas
Run by the Intellectual Property Office, Cracking Ideas was created as part of Tes to help teach children about creativity and what to do with those great ideas they will conceive. Cracking Ideas uses videos, some of which featuring the beloved characters Wallace and Gromit, to help students learn to create. Tes offers another wide range of topics intended for classroom use. Tes’s products are for sale at various different prices based on circumstance, but the Cracking Ideas videos are available for free.
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ICT Games
ICT Games is a website designed by a UK teacher to bring educational games and resources into the classroom. The site itself is free to play, though donations are appreciated, and it includes games for maths and English. The website boasts 20 years of games and resources available to use, and also provides recommendations for apps and websites of similar purpose. ICT Games also offers teacher resources and printable activities for use at home or in the classroom.
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Funbrain is a website designed for students ranging from Pre-K through 8th grade. It is free to use, but is funded by ads (which are highly present throughout the website). They make it a point to be clear that no personal identifiable information is collected, making the website extra safe for children to use. Funbrain offers games, reading and math activities, fun videos, and a “playground” designed with Pre-K students specifically in mind
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