Efficient search
Efficient search
Here at Courses For Children, we know just how difficult it can be to sort through the myriad of educational websites and resources to find the perfect support your child needs. Between what material is offered, what grade levels a website might serve, whether it fits your child, and whether or not you wish to pay a subscription fee (and much, much more), there is a lot to consider!
Honest Feedback
Honest Feedback
But now, you don’t need to go searching through the vast extents of the web, just to find one or two resources you’ll end up using. We went ahead and did all of the digging for you!
The largest providers on one single platform
The largest providers on
one single platform
Our aim at Courses For Children is to create the largest network of online education providers on one single platform. We have done the research, and created a vast, detailed catalogue where you can search and filter through the various providers to find just the resources you need in the least amount of time! No need to waste your time examining an online provider only to find they do not have the services you require. Get what you need, when you need it. It’s that simple!

Top ranked providers
FuseSchool is an educational charity with millions of viewers and subscribers across their platform. They focus on STEM education, with courses on maths, biology, chemistry, and physics. They deliver content through animated, short videos that are concise and easy to understand for a wide range of learners. Because they are a charity, it is free to use and does not include advertisements.
Tate Kids
Tate Kids is a program run by Tate, intended to help children learn more about and appreciate art. With Tate Kids, students can not only explore the art world of Tate, but also make and share their own art in the public gallery. Tate Kids understands that safety can be a concern, and thus offers a “pre-moderated” website service, where nothing is published until it has been checked to be age-appropriate and cyber-safe. The program includes games, quizzes, and articles directed towards children to help them gain a better understanding and appreciation of art. It is offered for free online, though teachers may be able to plan in-person visits to Tate as well.
Learn English Kids
Learn English Kids is a website hosted by the British Council to help children learn to master the English language. It is a free resource offered to kids (though they need to be signed up by a parent or guardian), as well as for parents and teachers. It has many digital resources focusing on comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Learn English Kids also provides printable resources for use offline.
Funbrain is a website designed for students ranging from Pre-K through 8th grade. It is free to use, but is funded by ads (which are highly present throughout the website). They make it a point to be clear that no personal identifiable information is collected, making the website extra safe for children to use. Funbrain offers games, reading and math activities, fun videos, and a “playground” designed with Pre-K students specifically in mind
BookTrust is a charity organization dedicated to getting children excited about reading. They tend to focus on early years, hoping to get children into the habit of reading from a very early age. Most of their work is done via in-person programmes, however they do offer select digital sources including a book finder, resources for disabilities and reading, and reading recommendations, all for free.
Primary Homework Help
Hosted by Woodlands Junior School in Tonbridge and created by a Primary school computers teacher, Primary Homework Help does just what its name implies and helps your younger students with their homework. These materials are available for free for both classroom and individual use, and cover topics ranging from maths to science and history. There are even specific units on the Tudors and religion available for classes and students to take advantage of.
CoolmathGames is part of the Coolmath Network of websites, which also includes Coolmath4Kids and Coolmath (their first website). While Coolmath4Kids is intended for kids 12 and under, CoolmathGames is designed for people of all ages. Due to its wider intended audience, CoolmathGames includes a much wider variety of games, including daily games. It allows users to create playlists of their favorite games when logging in. Like the rest of the Network, CoolmathGames is free to use as it is an ad-based service.
Mrs Pancake
Mrs Pancake is a website intended for parents and teachers who want to add fun visual aids to their teaching. This site primarily offers decorations, visual aids, and other so-called “doodads” to aid in learning numbers, reading, and other topics. These materials are geared towards primary school learning, and while not exactly “free” the price is “pay what you want,” and donations are accepted.
Edplace has your child's Maths, English, Science 11+, SATs & GCSE learning covered. Edplace focuses on building student’s confidence and ability. Students work at their own ability and are provided with relevant resources to match their learning skills and style. Edplace call's this smart revising. It's designed to empower students to become lifelong learners and achieve their goals. You and your child can track results, identify gaps and watch your child's confidence grow. Each activity is marked with instant feedback and progression based on previous work. It allows you to set personal goals and offers milestone badges for each achievement milestone. With an impressive 150% progress achieved by students with parent managed accounts, it's easy to see why Edplace is a great learning resource.
Khan Academy
At Khan Academy, you can learn everything from the alphabet to Art history. A non-profit academy Khan has taught over 70 million people in 190 countries and 40 languages and all of it for free. Everything from the earliest foundations of numbers and letters to college-level AP courses. Starting with Khan Kids it provides a colourful, fun and interactive learning adventure for ages 2-8 years. Following on from Khan Kids, it offers education from 1st grade right through to college and life skills. Including social and emotional learning and personal finance. Khan provides teacher led education tailored to every student's needs while ensuring the learning is fun and personalized.
Khan Academy
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