Efficient search
Efficient search
Here at Courses For Children, we know just how difficult it can be to sort through the myriad of educational websites and resources to find the perfect support your child needs. Between what material is offered, what grade levels a website might serve, whether it fits your child, and whether or not you wish to pay a subscription fee (and much, much more), there is a lot to consider!
Honest Feedback
Honest Feedback
But now, you don’t need to go searching through the vast extents of the web, just to find one or two resources you’ll end up using. We went ahead and did all of the digging for you!
The largest providers on one single platform
The largest providers on
one single platform
Our aim at Courses For Children is to create the largest network of online education providers on one single platform. We have done the research, and created a vast, detailed catalogue where you can search and filter through the various providers to find just the resources you need in the least amount of time! No need to waste your time examining an online provider only to find they do not have the services you require. Get what you need, when you need it. It’s that simple!

Top ranked providers
Seneca is another site designed to help improve test scores. They use algorithms to determine mastery of material, how often questions and topics need to be repeated, and when to increase the difficulty level. Material that is consistently difficult will be used again in the learning process, but shown in a different format, which helps foster true learning over rote memorisation. Seneca is free for teachers, parents, and students to use, and offers courses on a very wide range of topics sorted by A Level, GCSE, KS3, and KS2 courses.
FuseSchool is an educational charity with millions of viewers and subscribers across their platform. They focus on STEM education, with courses on maths, biology, chemistry, and physics. They deliver content through animated, short videos that are concise and easy to understand for a wide range of learners. Because they are a charity, it is free to use and does not include advertisements.
PBS Kids
PBS Kids is a subsidiary of the United States’ Public Broadcasting Service, and thus is a free resource offered to the public (though donations are welcomed). The website contains a selection of educational games and videos, featuring characters from popular television shows such as Curious George and Sesame Street. The website seems to base its content delivery system on the PBS station local to the user’s IP address, which will affect what videos are available at certain times, and may affect international users’ interaction with the website.
BBC Bitesize
BBC Bitesize provides simple lessons mostly for ages 4-14, though there are select resources for older teenagers as well. These lessons include quizzes, short films, and practice activities to ensure mastery of topics. Being provided by the BBC, it is a free resource to use, though there are options available for donations to be provided. There are also easily digestible news stories written with these age groups in mind on topics children and teenagers find interesting, such as the Euro 2020 host cities.
Cracking Ideas
Run by the Intellectual Property Office, Cracking Ideas was created as part of Tes to help teach children about creativity and what to do with those great ideas they will conceive. Cracking Ideas uses videos, some of which featuring the beloved characters Wallace and Gromit, to help students learn to create. Tes offers another wide range of topics intended for classroom use. Tes’s products are for sale at various different prices based on circumstance, but the Cracking Ideas videos are available for free.
This website is run by the same company famous for Ted Talks. On TedEd they offer a wide range of videos on topics ranging from science to literature. However, users should be aware that topics on this website are not specifically aimed at any one age group, and some of the resources are too advanced for many younger users. They offer lessons on topics, as well as the ability to create your own lessons. Because Ted as an organization is funded by donations, this website is free to use as an individual, and possibly as a class as well.
SoftSchools is a free resource focusing on helping teachers supplement their students’ learning through games and worksheets. Powered by ads, SoftSchools has resources for all ages and topics, ranging from Pre-K through high school, and from phonics to calculus. They even have language learning resources. Being primarily focused toward American education systems, their advanced work focuses on AP classes, rather than IB. However, their games, worksheets, and practice quizzes are sure to help any student seeking to improve their mastery of most concepts and standards. Additionally, teachers can create an account for free to make their own worksheets based on the materials already provided by SoftSchools.
Words for Life
Created by the National Literacy Trust, Words for Life tries to jump-start learning from an early age and reinforce it throughout the lifetime. Supported by UK publishers, Words for Life provides free resources intended to help introduce reading from birth, and maintain strong reading skills up through age 12 years. They also provide resources for parents to support their children’s reading journey at home.
Highlights Kids
Highlights is an educational company that has been going strong for 75 years. Their mission is to “help children become their best selves by publishing content and creating experiences that engage, delight, and foster joyful learning.” Originally published as a magazine intended for children ages 6-12, the website primarily offers content similar to that of their monthly publication (educational articles, crafts, and activities). However, the website also offers a variety of games, podcasts, and even a site for children to submit questions and receive answers. Everything on the website is free, though the magazine and several other publications are available for individual purchase.
Funbrain is a website designed for students ranging from Pre-K through 8th grade. It is free to use, but is funded by ads (which are highly present throughout the website). They make it a point to be clear that no personal identifiable information is collected, making the website extra safe for children to use. Funbrain offers games, reading and math activities, fun videos, and a “playground” designed with Pre-K students specifically in mind
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